Case studies

  • Part of the Eashing Farm sand allocation site on the edge of Hurtmore village, Surrey

    Local Campaigns

    Avoiding inappropriate sand working Read more »

  • Salisbury cathedral from Netherhampton


    Protecting the character of historical cities Read more »

  • Eddington Hill, Hungerford from Port Down


    Plan Examination reins back AONB housing Read more »

  • Minerals

    Test case saving of National Park Read more »

  • Landscape

    AONB setting protected from development Read more »

  • Housing

    Affordable housing policies secured Read more »

  • Green Belt

    Hemel Hempstead protected from housing sprawl Read more »

  • Planning procedures

    Blueprint for Northern Ireland planning system Read more »

  • Heritage

    Green Balance saved North Frith House Read more »